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Pine River 9/Dec

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Hi all
well let me just say that i will be going back to the reef fishing after santa comes. the hole day the only thing i was doing was feeding the catfish & bull shark's. i got 3 bull shark's up 2 the side of the yak before cutting them loose & spooled about 200 meters of line on a large bull shark witch didnt want to play. the rest of the time i got 6 very large catfish up to the yak be4 cutting them loose. never the less the day was fun as always. as i was tending to 1 of the shark's there was as live bait in the water (water skier) as i pulled it up on the side of the yak he seen me & yelled out what have i got & lifted it out of the water & i have never seen some 1 get back in to the boat so fast lol.

untill next time good luck all.
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the bait's i used was squid, prawns, & soft plastic's.
if santa is good i will be back on the redcliffe reef's in the new year nothing but squid is what i use on the reef's.
hi all
I was mostly under the twin bridges & down around the small islands up from the bend. all the bull sharks i got to the yak were about 1 to 1.5 meters just baby's. not worryed about them you just got to know how to deal with them. i grew up in a family of net fisherman & i learnt from a early age how to handle all kinds of things that can & will try to eat u or kill u. i spent many a night treding water untangling sharks & rays out of nets as a kid.
hi all
bull sharks are just like most other shark's. in my run in's with them they just looking i have been nudged many times in the yak. if you know they are close a good hard slap on the water with the paddle has worked well in the past. but i have had 1 bull shark try to have a bite of the yak a good care full punch on top of the snout is more then enough to make it think about doing that again. if thats not some thing you want to do than i think moving, fishing in a new spot is best. 9 out 10 times they will just bump into u then move on. just rember ( WE ARE NOT AT THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN WE ARE PART OF IT) we are in there world

& no Im not a greeny I just respect the things that can & will kill us.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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