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Pine River 9/Dec

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Hi all
well let me just say that i will be going back to the reef fishing after santa comes. the hole day the only thing i was doing was feeding the catfish & bull shark's. i got 3 bull shark's up 2 the side of the yak before cutting them loose & spooled about 200 meters of line on a large bull shark witch didnt want to play. the rest of the time i got 6 very large catfish up to the yak be4 cutting them loose. never the less the day was fun as always. as i was tending to 1 of the shark's there was as live bait in the water (water skier) as i pulled it up on the side of the yak he seen me & yelled out what have i got & lifted it out of the water & i have never seen some 1 get back in to the boat so fast lol.

untill next time good luck all.
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Hi bogeyman , interesting to hear your comments on handling bull sharks , as most of us on this forum would be inclined to leave the area rather hastily, you are obviously comfortable catching them and dealing with them, i for one , would like your advice on the best way to deal with a bull shark encounter whilst on the yak, what can you do to discourage them without going to the expence of a shark shield, your advice would be greatly appreciated
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