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Pier Fishing 8/20/06

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Well, saw Matt F. with a monster flatty and changed my mind from going to the normal "off the Hotel" spot ( yes I know it is a condo) Got to the pier, found micro greenies, the size of chovies, sardines, and at biggest candy bar. Started a drift, and found nada, then my line just took off, waited in gear, line peeling, zig,zagging, damn! A 5 lb bonehead. Headed back out to start my drift, right when my chovie sized greenie hit the bottom, BAM! Fought what felt like the flat kind, then unbottoned... :x After a few more drifts for line tangles, I decded to head in, the wind chop had picked up, and I was over it.

First, I snapped a picture of the pier...

...then paddled a few strokes, and decided to reel my fly line in, when line peeled at nuclear speeds, fish on!!!!! It bit on the reel in, no clicker... This fish worked me, I got about 16 mins of video, and started a couple mins into the fight, so I estimate nearly a 20 minute fight, it just wouldn't come up. I was using #40 mono straight up.

I was thinking big Home Guard. I was in about 13 ft of water, and 10 feet away from the surfers in the line up northside of the pier, when I got a gill shot with the gaff. Luckily there was no waves! It was 39inches, and about 20 lbs.

It definately had shoulders... and it's tail was big, for its size, hence the battle! Handed my camera off to a tourist, and cut off part of my fish. :x :lol:

Well, not a bad day at all.

Video of the fight...

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