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having just taken possession of my new hobie outback in extra quick time, deposited $$$ in account thurs arvo, confirmation of reciept of $$$ friday delivery in rural qld on tuesday!!!! i have to acknowledge the excellent service i have recieved so far. thanks to darren from outerlimits for service that has exceeded my expectations. (i have 25 years customer service experience)

anyway i couldn't take out said yak on tuesday to due to various committments but it did give me a chance to purchase last minute tackle supplies and pfd.

so today 1.00pm i hit spot x which means bugger to you, all to say that it is in the area for mackay qld. it is stocked with barra, sooties grunters and catfish are also present. (side note: arrival for yak heralded arrival of rain)

but @ 1.00pm today it was windy (up to 25 knots) but clear, launched said yak. it was like a duck to h2O after many years in my youth in siks the outback was luxury....hands free and that power!!!!

after 5 mins it was time to deploy trolling lure (little amazon) on baitcaster combo (wilson 4 - 6 kg live fibre rod/shimano corvalus 400 & 8kg mono) and take my time enjoying the up wind capabilities of the vessel now in my possession.


must be snag too soon (only 45 seconds)
grab rod
feel head shakes

I'M ON!!!!!??????

very heavy but not much life
can't be bazza or soots
run, run, run
more life now this is great
slow drag upwards
some resistance but not much, more heavy weight
3 mins later... BIG Catfish

about 55 - 60 cm longer, and fat, very thick, not the longest i have caught but by far the heaviest
now cursing for not making that one more stop to purchase h2O proof camera

fish destroyed the front set of trebles (no spares on board)

it was the most excellent introduction to a new yak i have ever had


on my way back from up winding and now taking it easy casting and trolling along weed banks, i spot a fellow water user and as they come closer it is one of the members from the rowing club on a single row boat (olympic one, you know...) they stop. it a nice young lady out training, which she does very wednesday and thursday. we have words, she is very interested in the yak, who wouldn't be??? and then go on our respective ways.

when i returned to the boat ramp several other young female rowers were also just in or getting to train as well....

it has been mentioned in several of the posts i have read that there is a lack of female memebership and participation in this recreation/sport. well i beg to differ and the evidence before me clearly shows that i will be partaking in fresh h2O fishing @ spot x every wednesday and thursday....

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Astro, a great report there mate! Sounds like a bloody good day on the water. Congrats on the new Outback and the great way to christen her!


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Great report. Congrats.....all good

cheers Andybear :lol:

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Unfortunately, due to the change in ownership of this web site and the lack of response by the owners to my requests to remove my email address from all administrative-level notifications and functionality, I have decided to remove my posts on AKFF. Thank you for the great times, the fantastic learning experiences and the many many fish. If you are desperate for the old content of this particular post, it is available below base64 encoded and bzip2 compressed.




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Astro what a great first outing
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