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Penguin Island WA Sunday 10th Dec

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Ian, Hillary, Dave and I are heading in off Rockingham this Sunday. Not really sure what time yet - dependant on Dave's availability after a big night I believe ;-)

Anyone else in Perth area want to join us?

Ian, Hillary, Dave - any idea what time you want to launch?
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As much as I'd like to launch earlier, realistically I could make it there by 7:00 am.

Where exactly are we launching from, I'm not very familiar with the area but can read a street directory well enough to find most places (spent many years in Perth as a cab driver).
Hi guys .. Justin, i spoke with Dave yesterday and he cant get there till 7 so i think we will meet then if thats OK with everyone .. Dave is going to ring me this arvo so if you guys could as well i can explain the meeting spot ..
Looking good ... :D :D :D

Cheers Hilary
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