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PB Personal Bests

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Sorry another stupid question, but I'm just dieing to ask it. :oops:

The PB's on here in the Signatures, are they all off a kayak?

Or are you all listing off anything,eg. Shore,Boat, Charter or Kayak?

I have no PBs atm of a yak that is, for I haven't caught a fish yet. But I have heaps of other PB's from other fishing.

Just wat to have it clarified. :lol:

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From a yak for me.
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From the yak, but they are all my overall PBs as well. Thats why I'm really hooked on yak fishing
From yak only for me aswell. Although it's not many as i only just started yak fishing, but i hope to change that this tuesday :D .
Yak only, too!

Yes, for me yak fishing only, still have a way to go, to beat my very best bream ever ( which i didnt actually measure.... it would have been oooh lets say pretty damn big and caught on maggots)
Yak fishing is all that matters...... thats my doctrine :lol:

Cheers all Andybear :lol:
my pb' are yak caught too
All mine (bass at the moment) are from the yak as well.
From my yak, lt's awesome fishing
I don't get into this PB thing. Sure... I will measure a huge flathead or a big bream if it looks like it approaches my best yet, but I feel no need to list it here or elsewhere. I will of course give details when describing fish caught, but thats about it.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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