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Parra bash - Sun 12-Nov

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after missing the Botany Bay and Balmoral trips... :cry:

I decided to hit the Parra at my usual spot (Empire Bay) :D

I got there at 11.15 to find a million boats on the water and another million waiting on the boat ramp.. :?

Conditions were great...no wind, partly cloudy and hot !!
Tide was rising and was eager to get in the water...
20 mts from the beach in about 3ft of water I drop 2 lures in. My fav SX-40 in red and black and a Deep Diving Chubby in red and gold.
As I grabbed the paddle to head off, a rod goes off :!: :?:
What ? the lure had just been floating there....no swim action at all and already a fish ? this is good :D

It was the start of a very productive session :D

in total: 14 bream (6 over 30cm), best 2 going 32 and 33cm. 4 Choppers and 7 medium flatties (30 to 40cm)

it all went quite at 1.30....top of the tide
was off the water by 2.15

the 30cm+ breams put on a hell of a fight.... heaps of line ripped off and 3 or 4 good runs before being netted. Is it a seasonal thing ? I've heard bream are more active and aggressive in summer. Is that right ?


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You won't forget that session in a hurry. :) I really should check out the local bream scene here in Melbourne to give my virgin SX40's a swim.

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