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Palm Beach 27/11

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Well, what an experience today was!!!! My first ever surf launch and boy didn't I do it tough. I got dumped twice and then went to the beach for a rest and then Duran showed up and guided me through it. Tough stuff, by the time I got out the back my arms felt like jelly and the paddle felt like it had a bucket either end.

Slowly paddled out to Palm Reef and boy wasn't I hurting. That was when I saw Duran back peddaling and coming towards me. He said don't hang your legs in the water and pointed to a fin sticking out of the water. Great! My first encounter with a shark on the yak! We just paddled around it though and never saw it again.

I must have swallowed too much salt water or maybe it was seasickness but by the time I got out to the reef I was ready to blow. And blow I did, four times to be exact. No burley as I hadn't eaten anything yet, thank god with that shark around!!

Took me about 1/2 hr to feel well enough to rig up. No fish caught in this time by any of the 12-15 boats around us. Not sure how long it took but I finally got a hookup. Although I knew it wasn't a mackeral as the fight was very lacklustre, ended up being a big flathead, went 80cms equalling my PB, dammit. As good as that was I felt dissapointed when I saw it as I was hoping for a mackeral. Called it for a wobbegong to start with looked huge in the water.

Headed back in not long after. Got dumped on the way in also but out of the three dumpings I never lost anything so that's a bonus.


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Wayne, good on you for persisting. Its the best way to learn and the rewards follow.

Red card for complaining about an 80cm lizard! Top fish mate!!!!
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