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paddles are paddles?

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I have been using a $20 padddle for ages now. Nothing wrong with it at all. l usually troll for up to 5 hrs. Where l usually go to, on the way back l face a stiff head wind. l don't mind the work out but what takes 1hr to get to, takes up to 2.25 hrs to get back. Anyway any thoughts of how much time l could save with a decent tourering paddle? Which one would be the best given my windy circumstances?

Also has anyone actually caught jacks, trolling? Only ones l have come across are inches from the bank of a creeek/ river. What about barra? Still yet to get the illussive barra yet. Hopefully this summer. :D

Cheers GJ
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Yeah l do have the ventura still thanks Red.

I've eyed off a few of the paddles you mentioned. What l am using now splits in two, so in theory l could put that one underneath the hull until l got to the creeks where things get bashed around a bit. I could then use something not so heavy perhaps as the metal $20 one got now, for the open water back home.

Have you or anyone else compared a flat paddle (like my $20 one) to a scoped paddle and what is the comparitable difference? Basicaaly l just want to know how much better off pushing into the wind a scoped paddle would bring?

Cheers GJ
Can those fantastic people giving me an eye on what they recommend also give me an idea of price (its an issue for me). This is my number one hobby though and l know that paddles can get up to the $250 mark. Your paddle is the second most important piece of equipment for speed and endurance.

Its a tough question but how much more improvement comes from a $100 paddle to a $20 one. What about from a $250 paddle in relation to a $100 one?

Do these paddles around the $100 mark being recommended have plastic or fibre glass blades? I'd probably pay $200 plus but only if the thing was going to last my punishment whilst fishing, dragging over sand dunes, pushing off mangroves... Come to think of it, don't want fibre glass blades.

My understanding is that the more you pay for performance the easier it is for the thing to break. I guess thats what l have enjoyed about both the yak and $20 paddle to date; both tough as nails mate. :D

Hope this helps with any recommendations out there!

Thanks for the support

1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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