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Paddle and seat help...Where to buy

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It's me again the spearfishing kayaker.

I would like to know where i can buy a good paddle from in SE QLD; What is a good paddle by the way? Also if a seat is worth the money where to buy that from too

I live in ipswich, I work in the CBD, travel to the sunnycoast alot and sometimes go to the Tweed to spear; my car has a lot of k's on it :) So anywhere is good to go as long as it's not out of the way

Cheers in advance, you guys have been a great help thus far.

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Peppertown did have sevlor(spell) seats in a brochure from around $80.00.
been into peppertown & those seats look like good value for $80.A seat is definately worth the money. Mal
You can't beat an apex 1 seat - more money, but a lot more comfort and a lot more storage options.

I upgraded from a seyvelor and havent looked back.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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