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Sorry, haven't got a picture to post but I did see a really, really clever set up on a surf ski the other day, so I'll try to describe that.

The guy wasn't a fisherman, he just had this very unstable 18ft long thing and he decided to rig something so he stop paddling and have a rest without worrying about tipping out. He got an old alloy ladder that had those hinge arrangements that you could lock at 45/90/135 or so and cut it up so as to mount the hinge part just off centre on the hull behind his seat, on a slight angle down. A small pontoon at the end of the arm.

At the "parked" position, it would sit against the hull just touching the water, but he would swing it out 90 and it would drop down 50 mm or so and park on the water beautifully!!!

Bit of a struggle to lock/unlock I think but gee it worked a treat, and cost bugger all to knock up. It's given me an idea anyway.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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