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Opinion - Snap Swivel? Snap?

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Hello all,

I have a question thats been bugging me for awhile, ive been trying to get information from a broader demographic but due to random information on this topic i pose to you all this...

For years i have been tieing on snap swivels ( various brands and styles ) and recently i have tried using the coastal variety. This in itself hasnt caused me dramas ( the older i get, the better the knots ) in Saltwater but i mainly like to fish freshwater and collect lures which i chop and change when the situation suits.

With the advancement of lure technology i have noticed that the only way i can get some of my more expensive lures to swim properly is by tieing directly to the lure. Some of the bibs and attatch points can be twisted into different positions to correct the lure, a snap connection ( minus the swivel ) seems to correct this problem too...

* Is it stupid of me to assume swivels only reduce line twist?

* Apart from tieing directly to line what are your preferences?

* Anything ive missed that could be of vital importance?

* What snap swivel setups do you use?

I also read that tieing a split ring on the end of your leader provides a decent snap but a pair of round pliers might not be an option in confined spaces ( fishing from a kayak / canoe etc etc ).

Looking forward to your reply!
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I've been using Fas-Snaps for the last couple of outings...

because of their size, Im finding it harder to release the lures from the clips.
Its impossible with your fingers....need to pull out the pliers to have a go.

For larger lures, I've been using Norman Lures "Magnum Speed Clips"

these are pretty easy to use..
Do you guys really think it decreases the strike rate ?

For bream lures, I think I'll go back to tying them on with Perils Loop :D
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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