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Onkaparinga River

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Very interesting day. WX cloudy and the threat of rain. Of course the WX people said it was going to be a fine afternoon. HA! :x

Anyway, I was supposed to meet Fisher and Scupper at a place called Perry's Bend. So when I got there a bit early I thought I would go ahead and set things up. Well along comes a fellow from Fish Watch and we got to talking, luckly I asked him if this is Perry"s Bend - He say NO that is about a kilometer furhter up the river. :oops: Oh my, the day is starting off good :?: He kindly drove down and alerted Fisher & Scupper that I was at the wrong spot.

As they had not launced yet Scupper drove back and said they would wait for me to paddle down to them. I think I will change the name of my yak from the Ancient Orange to the Orange Barge. Hard yakka trying to cover that kilometer as fast as I could. Grant Kennedy I'm Not.

So could I manage to do anything else wrong - Yep! you guessed it. My 40 year old rod fell apart and the butt and the reel went into the deep. So we had to spend some time in retrieving that :oops: :oops: While Fisher tried to push me in the right direction Scupper managed to follow the line and pull up my rod butt. Bloody good start so far. But, there is a happy ending, for me anyway.

So we paddled up river and in the course of the day Scupper picked up two bream. I figured I was going to be skunked - again! Fisher let me know via PM that he picked up one small salmon trout after I headed off on my 1K paddle back to my car.

Figured I might as well drag the SX along behind me - AND, lo and behold I actually caught a FISH - one bream 31mm - tried to photograph it; however, like everything else on this day, bar the fish, my camera batteries were DEAD.

Sorry Scot, I had to bring my first fish home - and a very nice dinner it made too. I'll C&R the next one :wink:
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Duncan said:
I had to bring my first fish home - and a very nice dinner it made too. I'll C&R the next one :wink:

We've all had days like that [seems us older blokes have them more often though :lol: ]

The main thing is you caught up with the other blokes and took a feed home; the bream definately would have gone in my pan also after the rocky start
Duncan, you got out there mate, caught up with a couple of blokes and caught a fish. Nothing wrong with that day 8)
Duncan, you had a good paddle, met up with good company who pitched in to help you & you caught a fish. Forget the rest :roll: , sounds like a memorable day to me :) .

And you've now got a valid reason to go out and buy a new rod (& possibly a new reel too)! 8)

That's one of the things about this activity we're all sucked in to, even the ratty trips will be remembered with fondness, especially if you brought home a feed.
G'day Duncan - glad you managed to get a nice bream. I was a bit disappointed that we all didn't do much better, but it was a good info gathering exercise if nothing else. I bet the first thing you do today is fix that rod! A bit of mixed luck there - bad luck that you lost part of the rod and reel, good luck that you managed to get it back - pity the drag was loose! Anyway - Scupper is master of retrieving lost rods and reels - you were in good hands :lol:
Good on you Duncan! Glad to hear that you took a nice fish - there's many more where that came from!

Fisher's right - I've had to retrieve rods and reels (some successfully and some not) on too many occasions before - I'm getting pretty good at it!

Look forward to the next excursion.
Regards Scupper
Fun outing, Duncan. Always need a little something to keep life interesting. Can never say yak fishing is boring. How can you get bored when ya fishing rods fall apart and overboard etc etc. Excting stuff happens to all of us - which is what makes the forum a great read. Be dull if all we did was catch fish all the time :wink: :D :D :D :)
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