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old yakker, new akffer

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hi all...
i have been watching this forum for 2-3 weeks now and in that time i have rekindeled my love of yakking, so much so i have just bought a hobie Outback...YAY :D

ok basics first...
i love fishing and yakking
i am 174 cm tall and weigh in at 80 kgs
live 50k's north of mackay QLD on small acerage with my own creek (not suitable for yakking except around wet season)

my hobie should be here next week, bought it off the net with trying since i couldn't find one up here. confident that it will all be good since the last Outback i bought (Subaru) was also bought over the net sight unseen.

got the green one (new colour MOSS) for 2 reasons 1: to match my car, it is also green 2: more importantly for surface camoflauge.

i have access to various fresh and salt h2o fishing spots including Peter Faust dam (proserpine) all within 1 hours drive or less.

i chose the hobie for numerous reasons including ability to fish/photograph whilst moving hands free. being able to cast and move at the same time will allow me to apply quicker response time when dragging those sooties and barra out of the snags.

hopefully will have fish bragging rights soon

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Astro, welcome to the joint man, and I must say a wise choice of vehicle you have made (both of them).... 8)


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