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Hi guys, my first post today, and my first question,
Can anyone tell me the record size for a spanish mackeral fished from a kayak as I may have one that goes close.
Have photos and quite a story with this
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Hi Pete,

Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find it fun and informative.

I believe Couta1 holds the record with this - http://akff.wikia.com/wiki/File:Couta1-sppanish-175.jpg

but I know BillyBob also had a monster which does not seem to be in the hall of fame (http://www.akff.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=42981&p=444372#p444372).

Would love to hear your story and see your pics....
40kg and 175cm is the first place in the hof. Which is just this forum. Don't let that discurridge you from telling the story though. If you want to check the hof out click on the akff wiki at the top right corner
Thanks for the quick reply guys , My spaniard is not as big, but still gave a wild ride at 154 c.m. and 23.53 kilos official I guess I know what I'm having for breaky for the next six months.
kayakpete said:
Have photos and quite a story with this
Well come on then! Don't keep us waiting too long.

Trip report time!!!!
O.K. Used a pilly on trebbles, 40lb line with short trace in 4 metres close to flooding low tide. I live at campwin beach near Mackay, so this happened one kilometre from my back door. Anyway he jumped on and screamed, I mean screamed 200 metres of line in 20 to 30 seconds on reasonable drag.
I nipped the drag up and tried to reel in my other line,it started running the other way and whatever was on there ran for the reef and snagged up. snipped it.
I couldn't get my anchor up in time as I was running out of line, so snipped it too and went for the tow. Nothing new to me, as I've hooked sharks in the same area (last week went for a ride behind 6 foot + leopard shark, untill he rolled and sheered my line).He/she swung out to open water which was not where I wanted to be as the wind was up and waves 1.5 to 2 metres . O.k. normally, but with an unknown on the pointy end it was a bit disconcerting.
It was a tug of war for 20 to 40 minutes I'm guessin' (I was busy at the time), and then he just gave up. I reeled him in and then I was faced with the dilemma of where to put 5 foot of fish (Still kicking) on 13 foot of kayak
I unclipped the back of my seat and spun 180 to load him on the back, got him on board just as I was broadsided by a wave which in turn shifted the load before I could strap him down.
So now, I was in the drink with him in open water with some of my gear dislodged, fortunately the trusty prowler didn't capsize and I still had old mate attatched. (The spaniard, I mean) I sgrabbed my gear and scrambled on board
All I could do was tow him back to the nearest beach (reference to the old man and the sea) about 2 kilometres , was able to load him on the back still with my seat unclipped as I had to sit well forward to allow room for old mate, then paddle a further 2 Ks up the creek to home
It was fairly humourous returning up the inlet as there were quite a few boats out and as I was paddling up the usual banter was up, as in ,did you get any etc.? My reply was yeah, Just one....
Unsure yet as to uploading pics on here as its my first post, will follow up when I find some time.
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Nice Work Pete,

Sounds like good fun on the water. You did well to keep him after going for a swim.
Phew. I thought this was going to be another story like GregL's old man and the sub viewtopic.php?f=18&t=40445&hilit=old+man+and+the+sea

Great capture and welcome on board!
Nice one Pete, sounds like heaps of fun!

Help with photos etc can be found here:http://akff.wikia.com/wiki/Help
Hi KP... You've been a busy lad... great fish screaming away, another heading for the rocks, snip the second, then the anchor, take a swim... re-enter the yak.... still land the fish... yep... you had your hands full!

Very entertaining!

I must point out that taking a dip probably helped you keep your cool, eh?

What did your friends say when they saw the size of the "only one" you caught?

Hope the pics turn out!

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Classic mate well done, sounds like you got a brief bout of dougalitis there for a moment falling off with the weight of the big fella and a wave. Can't wait to see the pics any spano over 1.5m is a trophy for sure.
Hi guys, I hope this satisfies you.( see attatched files ) , sorry I was long winded on this but I had trouble uploading. More photos available if interested,
At least it was an official weigh in. although , as you can see in attatch. 4 he was too long for the scales, moved the hook to the top of the bracket and his tail was still sitting on the ground.


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