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Offshore Outfit - Advice Needed

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Heya Guys,

With the arrival of my new Prowler, I have my eyes set on the horizon for some offshore fishing.

As a dedicated freshwater fisho, I have a number of outfits suited to inshore fishing, but I'm a bit sceptical that any of them are going to cut it offshore for larger species.

Just wondering what the offshore guys reccommend as a general purpose outfit to get me started?

Current outfits are :

Shimano T-Curve Tournament 6'3" 2-4kg/Daiwa Sol Baitcaster - 8lb Stren Braid
Shmano Barra Mauler 5'8' 3-8kg/Pflueger Supreme LP Baitcaster - 10lb/50lb Sufix Matrix Pro Braid (2 Spools)
Shimano SFS Barra Spin 6'6" 4-8kg/Okuma Inspiron 30 Spin - 20lb Fireline
Berkley Dropshot 7'0" 1-3kg/Shimano Aernos 4000XT Spin - 6lb Fireline

Are any of these rods/reels going to be useful offshore?
My biggest worry is that these rods are all graphite and not up to the job of big hard pulling fish in deep water, the other concern I have is most of these reels have smaller line capacitys and I'm guessing the drag's wont be up to the task either?

If buying a new outfit, does anyone have any advice on what to go for.

I don't know a great deal about offshore fishing yet, so I have plenty of homework to do but I imagine most of my fishing will be either trolling lures/live baits, or bottom bashing/floating baits from the yak over structure?

Any advice would be most welcome......cheers guys.
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For what its worth I use a shimano biatrunner 6500 for my larger fish targeting. As a rule of thump in NZ 15kg mono is the max anyone uses. I have spooled my shimano with 12kg line. Anything above that and you can't break it if you hook the bottom. A quality trace system will stop larger teethie predator fish from dusting you, however if they've got teeth like that you generally going to release them as doing the cockpit shuffle on a one seat yak with big teethie monster in your lap is not fun....

My experience points to the fact that a quality drag system and reasonable line system will always beat 50kg weedeater line with poor reel. In fact a quality (waterproof) drag system is more likely to not get you pulled out of the yak when you hook a large beast, provided its set by scales to the correct level.

Matching a quality reel with a shorter rod (5 - 6 foot) will allow you to apply more pressure to a fish so I would recommend that type for off shore - where you are not "active" fishing with poppers or such. Having a short tip also helps take some of the big tail whips as well.The short rod allows a better leverage system on larger fish and you need to keep them pointed out the front of the yak, any sideways sticking and your in for an early shower. So my best rod would be a short rod with strong base section with soft tip. Longer rods are great for active fishing (popper, plactic baits etc) but can't sometimes give you the low down grunt at the base sectio you need to lift larger fish.

If using a braid for larger fish I'd use a mono lead (say 5 m+) to take some of the kick and absort the very initial blast of them.
not too sure whats on the aussie market but these are the qualities I'd be after.

Anyway just my 5c worth (hang on we don't have 5c coins over here any more - bugger).
PS - in any offshore fishing safety if key.
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sorry it should have read soft tipped rod not short tipped one.

Dallas, am not familiar with your location. however with offshore trips I'm always way on the safe side. Sounds like you have most bases covered on your safety - its all about your experience.
Once thing some people do forget on long distance paddles is something cycles call the "bonk" - bascially you have the stamina but just run out of juice. I would take spare chocolcate bars,plenty of water. I also have a mini flare pack in my PDF incase I can over.

Paddling and fishing in pairs is a minimum but more importantly I find you actually learn a heap more about fishing.

On the set up - sounds like you have the stuff. Having the reel in "clicker" and freespool on an overhead type reel will also allow a large fish to "run" with the bait before engaging the main gear and holding on. PLus it sounds great as well.
good luck and post those pics.
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