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Offshore Outfit - Advice Needed

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Heya Guys,

With the arrival of my new Prowler, I have my eyes set on the horizon for some offshore fishing.

As a dedicated freshwater fisho, I have a number of outfits suited to inshore fishing, but I'm a bit sceptical that any of them are going to cut it offshore for larger species.

Just wondering what the offshore guys reccommend as a general purpose outfit to get me started?

Current outfits are :

Shimano T-Curve Tournament 6'3" 2-4kg/Daiwa Sol Baitcaster - 8lb Stren Braid
Shmano Barra Mauler 5'8' 3-8kg/Pflueger Supreme LP Baitcaster - 10lb/50lb Sufix Matrix Pro Braid (2 Spools)
Shimano SFS Barra Spin 6'6" 4-8kg/Okuma Inspiron 30 Spin - 20lb Fireline
Berkley Dropshot 7'0" 1-3kg/Shimano Aernos 4000XT Spin - 6lb Fireline

Are any of these rods/reels going to be useful offshore?
My biggest worry is that these rods are all graphite and not up to the job of big hard pulling fish in deep water, the other concern I have is most of these reels have smaller line capacitys and I'm guessing the drag's wont be up to the task either?

If buying a new outfit, does anyone have any advice on what to go for.

I don't know a great deal about offshore fishing yet, so I have plenty of homework to do but I imagine most of my fishing will be either trolling lures/live baits, or bottom bashing/floating baits from the yak over structure?

Any advice would be most welcome......cheers guys.
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I start with the fish you intend to target.

Then look at technique. If you are using soft-plastics, I'd go mono, if it is trolling lures or baits - go fireline or braid.

Match a type and strength of line for that sort of work.

Ok - now look at the size and rating of the rod, I personally use a 7ft 8-10 kg Penn Powerstick, which can be picked up from Kmart {on sale} for around $30.

Then look at the reel. I rate the TSS4 and 3500 or maybe 4500 baitrunner, although both require fairly high levels of maintainance when used from a kayak.

There are also some very good examples from other manufactures such as Penn and Shimano around, but that all depends on you, your budget and what fish you are chasing.

In regards to this I always rinse the reel in a bucket of water, then once dry give a light oiling and grease as the salt will dry out the workings of the reel.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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