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I enjoyed that too Paully. The recent three decades or so has seen a spate of 'world firsts' in 'adventures'. Few, if any could compare to the Shackleton's, Scott's, Amudsens, Hillary's, Slocum's etc. This video defines the defintion of adventure, shall we say, 'going on a journey of challenge to the individual/group, a jouney with much uncertainty, scary in any way, with possibly real danger to life, limb or possessions, and (possibly but not neccesarily), where few have been before.'

The latter thought can be achieved by those who venture out on a more common journey, without the the fore-knowledge of previous adventurers. One example of this is the rockclimber who arrives at a new cliff, without the guidebook, and begins a climb because it looks appealling. That is adventure. So is a kid exploring a new nook of a creek or park, or trying fishing for the first time; or a old fart trying to post pictures on the internet. :D

Thanks for posting mate.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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