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OceanKayak Scupper pro

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Hi Guys,
Just seen a couple of ocean kayak scupper pro dives on ebay going for around $650 they are 12 months old and havn't any damage according to the owner.
I notice these yaks are a bit thinner than most of the fishing yaks. But the price is very good for a near new yak.

Are they any good for a inexperinced yaker, does the thinner width make them more unstable?

Cheers Dave
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G'day justcrusin32 they are really well known for being one of the better models to fish out of, tried & true. They are really stable because of the low seating position which also means that yes, you will get a wet bum.

The secondary stability is very good, so you would normally have to try pretty hard to fall out of one. I have only fallen out twice, once when playing silly buggers & once when some showoff was showing me how to "edge" my kayak, ie lean it on it's side. :lol:

They are relatively fast because of the long waterline & relatively narrow width. They are definately faster than say a Swing or a P13. That said, they are harder to turn if you are noodling around in small creeks, not that it has been a problem to date.

I am approx 95-100Kgs depending on the weather & have no probs with this kayak taking my weight+gear. If you are a big guy with a fatt butt, I'd test the width of the seat before you buy though.

$650 is a great price, even better if they have any accessories like a paddle or pfd thrown in.

I don't reckon you'll go wrong buying one mate. I have never seen a bad review for them.

Here's a link from a US guy in the States who reckons the same:

Here's another link for you with users reviews:

I'd still get out & test one if you can but I think that you will be pleasantly surprised. If you are worried about the stability, try leaning it over as far as possible & do the same with some other boats. You may end up wet & looking a bit silly if you go over but it will give you a good idea what it takes to tip them.

Good luck!
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