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OceanKayak Scupper pro

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Hi Guys,
Just seen a couple of ocean kayak scupper pro dives on ebay going for around $650 they are 12 months old and havn't any damage according to the owner.
I notice these yaks are a bit thinner than most of the fishing yaks. But the price is very good for a near new yak.

Are they any good for a inexperinced yaker, does the thinner width make them more unstable?

Cheers Dave
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I'm still waiting for mine, but I can say, the sitting position in the scupper is a lot lower than most SOTs giving it a much lower centre of gravity and I have been told they are surprising stable, at 4.5m it's a long yak for a SOT, so very fast.
:cry: :p well we'll just have to see whose is faster in a few weeks time hey Rik :twisted:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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