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Ocean-going SOTs: What is available?

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The more I have paddled the big blue, and the more I have built my skills with it, the more I want to do. However, my yak, Feelfree Nomad definately has limits when it comes to long distance and comfort in bigger waves. So, . . . . while I am very happy with my yak for the coastal strip and estuaries and creeks, as well as playing in the surf, I am thinking about something more big bluish.

Okay, what's available for ocean work?

Kaskazi Pelican or Dorado seem awesome. But some folk on the forum have had some problems with quality of finish. Also, while there is supposed to be an Australian distributor, I don't know if they are easily available or have to go through the pain of importing.

Wavedance Kingfisher is just coming out on the market. I have been reading PeterJ's and Occy's reports on it with great interest.

Fishmatics on the forum is bringing out a new yak.

Then there is Scupper Pro, Cobra Expedition, OK Prowler, Viking Predator, Tarpon 160.

I would be very interested to hear your views on what's available regarding a yak that is good for longer distance touring on choppy water and fishing from (of course). Like, how much better are the Kazkazi yaks to things like the Scupper Pro or even the Kingfisher (which I guess has not been properly tested yet.)? I really want to hear why you think one yak is better than another. If you reckon one is faster, how much? Is it significant or just a little bit? Tell me your thoughts.
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troppo, have a look at the cobra mariner mate, its not in australia yet , but am willing to bet it wont be long 14foot 3 inches and looks the goods with plenty of primary and lots of secondary stability, i would rule out the long skis, having had several when i was a bit fitter , :roll: :roll: they are great , greyhounds of the sea, but very unstable for fishing
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