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Nth Tas. 12/8

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I headed out to a local lake (four springs) yesterday morning in the hope of adding to my trout tally for the season. It was a still and foggy morning so perfect for yakking but unfortunately I left my run a bit late and the fog had burned away by the time I arrived. Also it was probably a bit calm and sunny for good fishing. I spent a few hours trolling and casting (no wind so I couldn'y really drift spin) for absolutely nothing and only one other fisher I saw (there were quite a few) had even had a touch and that from a very small fish first thing in the morning.
Ultimately i cut my losses and headed to a stream just down the road from my work (I had to work in the arvo). This stream is very low at present (ankle deep) since we haven't had rain for some time and was as clear as I've ever seen it with very spooky fish but after many wayward casts and spooked fish I finally scored, picking up 3 brownies.


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Wish I had a river like that down the road from my work. Well maybe not 'cause I might not ever get to work.
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