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I had a few hours available on Saturday arvo, so whipped the Tarpon onto the racks, threw the rods in with an esky half full of cold beer...why beer on a cold day, I don't know.

Dropped down the Coast to Woy Woy at about 2 hours past the Beach low tide, so it was low tide when I got there, with a 2 hour delay.

Bought some frozen prawns on the way as an insurance policy, but managed to gather some live nippers from Spot X, so was baited up in no time.

As the tide started to come in, I found my spot just near the Woy Woy rail bridge and drifted up and down from above the channel markers and back down to the bridge.

Managed to get one decent flathead about 42cm and then a drummer to about 40cm. Last time I was there, I caught a tailor, whiting and 2 flathead. Always a mixed bag.

Towards dark, I ventured to the other side of the bridge and picked up some small bream and a couple of whiting. All too small, so back they went.

Sorry, but no photos. forgot to take my phone.
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