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Rod (rnmars) now says that's bullshit. I tend to agree.

Nice current from the north this morning. Target species were squid and snapper. Wasn't really thinking kings.

Started off with a high 40's panny on a plastic. While snapping a pic (piccing a snap?) a solid calamari jumped on the deep squid jig. Whiling dealing with those two - avoiding an inking - a king took the cuttly tentacle. Had three live species between the legs.


King went back (live); squid out (live) with a 6/O in its bum; red in bag (dead and bled).

Back to new favourite mark - "No.40", for another high 40's squire.


Then rat after rat on the cuttly.

Called Rod over. Speaking of Rod, we have been giving him a hard time over his ambitious tunnel vision fishing trips. One rod, heavy duty saltiga (worth more than my yak) packing 20kg + of drag spooled with 80lb braid and whipper snipper leader, big livies, outrigger. You won't catch much with that, leader's way to heavy! Besides, a bargain salinaII 3000 spooled with 40lb braid and 50lb leader is plenty for the biggest kings we encounter - if you're patient and keep them off the bottom.

Anyway, he came over.
"Where's the mark?"
"You're right on it"
"zz zz zz"
"Tighten your drag, you pussy".
"Fug Off!"
" Grunt. Grunt" (can't hear any more zeds)

Rod, the saltiga, and the outrigged adventure made short work of this 90cm + brute in 7m of water over sharp reef:


"Nah, your old re-frozen cuttle tentacle"

Hmm, wouldn't mind catching one of those.

Then crunch, zzzzzz, my bargain salinaII 3000 spooled with 40lb brad and 50lb leader fires up, nice and smooth. Yak was already pointing north toward deeper water, so hit the pedals, no worries. Then the pitch of the zeds picked up - my king was no rat, the hood' headed for the shallows at high speed. Cranked up the drag a bit - not too much, fish was out of control. Kept going and going, zig-zagging everywhere on a single 250m run. Lost all my braid, into backing. Not again! Increased the drag (and noise).


Not quite spooled before the leader snapped.

Hmm. Saltiga? Humble pie?

Just a few more rats on cuttly for me after that.

Rod only caught one fish.



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Nice work Rod - showed that king what for. Tom I reckon your king wasn't even aware of being hooked and was off over the reef chasing bait fish. Sometimes you can be lucky and chase the fish down and overtake it and regain control and sometimes you can't...... this is your third spooling in as many weeks ?

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"I'm assuming the live squid was on your salina outfit Tom?"
No Jim - magic cuttle. Snagged the squid on the bottom. :twisted:

"What cuttlefish?"
Ninworlds - the bait that hooked Rod's hood', my unstoppable hood', about 10 rats and a snapper.

"Tom, there is this little dial thingy on top of the spool, never mind."
Yeah Garry - looks bad - the little salina is a heavy duty unit in the right hands (clearly, not mine). Figured there was no point locking up in 7m when it had already taken more than 30 off me - I'd be reefed for sure. Better to wait for it to stop, then chase it and play gentle. It didn't stop. Didn't dial up till I saw the backing. And it didn't stop.

"I reckon your king wasn't even aware of being hooked and was off over the reef chasing bait fish."
Agree Paul - I reckon it stayed with the school.

"this is your third spooling in as many weeks ?"
Fug off! I'll figure it out one day. (Can't afford a saltiga)

Where are you, Rod?

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"Three spoolings in as many weeks?? Clearly I've been AWOL too long and need to go read back through the trip reports!"
Don't believe the bastards, Paul :twisted: . Only one genuine spooling in the last couple of weeks. The next two only spooled the braid (I kept the backing).

That said, I've fished for years, and never seen the backing while on the water before the recent outings.

"You know MrX you could buy a 80lb Salina 3 outfit for about $350 and load it with 80lb as well. entire outfit with line = less than 1/2 the price of a Saltiga REEL only."
Yeah, I've been using a salina II 5000 with a 5oz jigging rod for a while, but you know what it's like mate. Heavy gear, hardly any strikes, and the big ones smoke you in the shallow reef anyway - unless you have it dangerously cranked up for the strike. That's why Rod uses an outrigger (successfully!).

Been trying a few different techniques with the lighter gear. The salina II 3000 on a short 5-8 kilo barra stick is perfect for casting heavy jigheads (with plastics or cuttle), and has skull-dragged plenty of legal kings to the deeper water. Flat-out pedalling kept the latest big one off the bottom for a long time - just ran out of line on the smaller reel this time. Never even considered this could be an issue on a king - if they dust you, it's usually in the first few seconds. Survive that, get moving, and its game on (normally).

Anyway - still love that sound the reel makes. I'll take a spooled doughnut over a plain doughnut any day.
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