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NSW: Culling roos, catching fish 10/6

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Having hit two roos in two trips I am pretty much at the point where I don't want to drive early morning unless I absolutely have to. There are just so many roos about this time of year around Canberra and the snowies. Knocked this one about 20 minutes into a 2 hour drive, had to administer the coup de gras with the bazzoo donger, almost turned around and went home, but pushed on and enjoyed a most unpleasant rest of the drive, flinching and braking at every movement in the undergrowth, but avoiding any other near misses. Reflecting on the hit I was really very lucky that the roo was fairy small, I was only doing 80km/h going round a corner, and that the damage is pretty cosmetic and the worst impact was taken by the bonnet. But it still sucked.


Rendezvoused with Fiddy and Geoff at Craig's place, and stepped in dog shit with both shoes as I was getting out of the car. Again considered turning around and going home, but figured this day couldn't get much worse, so followed the boys to sunny Moruya - where thankfully we enjoyed a terrific day's fishing. Craig's custom pimped HBs were smashing it early, while I tried my hardest to crack a pattern on various different plastics with little success, and eventually cheated, resorting to an old favourite - the 3" gulp fry in pumpkinseed. I don't usually fish with gulp except for snapper offshore, and I know that Stu (Bluyak) will think much less of me for admitting this indiscretion - although I do have it on good authority that he was witnessed with a kayak full of Gulp 3" pogies at the recent ABT round at the Georges River. Whether you love or loathe them, there is no doubting that they can make a crap day better, and they sure did that for me yesterday. Fished very lightly weighted the fry accounted for some great fish throughout the day, including a bunch of legal bream with the best just over 40cm to the tip, and a ripper trevally caught by Gee. Craig and Geoff also both caught some mullet on HBs and plastics which was quite a surprise. Craig's donation of a plump flathead ensured the squid household will eat very well tonight - cheers bro.




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Shoulda taken the roo for surf & turf (land and sand, beef & reef, slaughter & water, roo & spew).
sbd said:
Shoulda taken the roo for surf & turf (land and sand, beef & reef, slaughter & water, roo & spew).
Or crab bait.
sbd said:
Shoulda taken the roo for surf & turf (land and sand, beef & reef, slaughter & water, roo & spew).
It was bream he caught so it would have been a Roo & Poo.
Good stuff guys, I wish I had called fiddy earlier and met up with you lot.

Fiddy tells me the mullet were taking hard bodies quite readily, thats pretty cool. Any pics of those?

As expected squidder gets the 38 forker.

Any truth to the rumor that those 'gulps' were actually roo steak strips????
Pretty lucky not to have done more damage there, we hit a wallaby once doing 80 and caved in the radiator.
Nice report and some quality fish there. Gee, those silver trevors go like the clappers don't they! Make surprisingly good sashimi too.
Had an awesome day on the water guys, and we all got fish which makes it even better.

Great fish caught by both of you, awesome stuff :D
Sounds like a good day out boys. Nice beard Squidder. Were you fishing the gulps unweighted Gee, or is that a hidden weight.
Good to see you all blokes had some fun on the south coast

BigGee said:
Mentioned to Jase that we used to do the same with Dart straight from the Surf
He was saying he favours them for eating also. Not sure if I'll let the next one go, might have to try it.
Gee try cooking dart fillets in a pan with onions a tomatoes, the extra moisture helps the dry flesh of the dart and makes a nice feed, although we mostly just lightly pan fry them coated in rice flour.
Hey Jason, I hope that was one of your Canberra roos and not a protected NSW one... glad you had some fun when you finally got going though and its nice to see some familiar background in the photos. A few fish changes the complexion of things sometimes...


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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