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Hey Gee - thanks for the tips and the secret lures.
The mishap Tally for the weekend was - 1 broken rod, 1 broken sounder cover on the yak, 1 pair of jeans that split right up the back.
Thank goodness the wind died out a bit around 3 pm on Friday when I took a chance and got on the water in my originally planned location. I then had the fortune of opening my fish tally for the weekend with my first ever kayak caught trout and first ever brown trout (48cm) and followed it up with a respectable 35cm brownie before dark. Both were caught in the middle of nowhere in deep water while walking a beeline between 2 distant rocky points.
The following morning was bloody freezing and I cracked frost off my swag at Kalkite before taking to the water at first light. Man it was cold! Lost the feeling in my hands and feet early. Got my first rainbow from the yak just as the sun peeked over the tops of the easterly hills (38cm). As the sun rose and the day warmed up the idiots came out to play in all manner of motored craft. Called it a day around 9am and set off home. Will post some picks and a fuller story shortly.

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