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Now heres a thought....

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A few weeks back I was paddleing new ground and really wished for a map. But a map is so hard to fold up and store somewhere. :(

There just had to be a better way. :idea:

Coming from a commercial design background, I scribbled some ideas down - getting inspiration from one of those pilots pads - ya' know...

Anyway - this is the first draft of what I have come up with.

This attaches to your thigh - and opens up when required. 8)

Side (A) is just a map case - waterproof, and you can use a special pencil to make marks.

Side (B) on the left {upper} are two double sided pages which I use for checklists, planners,etc

Left {lower} is a bellows pocket which holds a pack of SP's - and on the outside, I take a few jig heads, hooks etc.

Right {upper} a spanyard special

Right {lower} - another pack of SP's and 4 HB lures, big enough for a long Bomber or similar.

Obviously there are a few areas I could improve on, but this will certainly make fishing from a kayak a lot easier from my perspective. My most commonly used lures close at hand + my checklists and a map of the area - all makes for a more sucessful trip out I reckon.

Pics will be posted asap.

What do you all think???
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Unfortunately, due to the change in ownership of this web site and the lack of response by the owners to my requests to remove my email address from all administrative-level notifications and functionality, I have decided to remove my posts on AKFF. Thank you for the great times, the fantastic learning experiences and the many many fish. If you are desperate for the old content of this particular post, it is available below base64 encoded and bzip2 compressed.



the ol pilots knee pad...... I can see how it could be a bonus when returning to a favourite spot and you want some landmarks and you have them written down. You might be able to get a aircraft upholstery guy or girl to make you one. From memory the thigh strap is elastic and has velcro on the end to attach to the back of the pad and the front is velcroed to open up.all you need is a chinagraph type pencil to write notes on the plastic and there u go. With any lures inside it may become bulky and one way to check this is put some lures in some plastic or other material and see how high it sits up. If you go ahead It will be intersting to see the result
1st pic


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Any feed back greatly appreciated - obviously this is only a prototype - but it seems to function ok.
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