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NOVEMBER AKFF Fishing Comp period STARTS Wednesday 1st November and ENDS Tuesday 7th November.

For competition rules etc see http://www.akff.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2952

Entries only should be posted in this thread (please refrain from posting messages that aren't comp entries in this thread until after the winners have been announced).

Individual POINTSCORE will continue this month, with the top 5 or 10 anglers (depending on number of entries received) scoring points towards the end of year tally. Anglers can enter a maximum of 2 fish each for pointscore purposes.

In conjunction, we will also continue our STATE vs STATE rivalry with points also being awarded to the best performed states. Should any of our international members wish to participate they will also be considered in the individual and the interstate/country rivalry.

Thanks and Good Luck....
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Name / Username of Angler: Karl/YakAtak
Fish Type: Aussie Bass
Length: 40cm
Date/Time of Capture: 07/11/2006
Location of Capture: Cressbrook dam
Type of Lure/Bait used: Berkley Gulp 4" minnow in smelt 1/8oz jighead 2/0 hook
Comments: Things are looking pretty good for the camp trip. :D


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Nice work Spotty! :D
Well done all, can't wait till next month. 8)
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