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North East river 25/7

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Its still damn windy at just after 9.30 pm and was like it all day, and up at the river the wind dropped to about 15 to 20 knots if we were lucky. Kathy and I launched the "queen" and headed up the river but decided to head to shore to get out of the wind and keep a bit dry and see if the wind would drop. the wind refused to drop so we headed back to the car and heated up soup and some bread and planned where to target some salmon. The tide had dropped so we paddled across the river to an exposed sand bank and hopped out of the yak and walked the shallows chasing salmon in the deeper parts of the river. Kathy landed the first salmon of the day and claimed bragging rights. We managed to land 8 salmon from 35 to 48cm. We decided to fish out of the yak due to the wind blowing us to shore and at least we could target one area without ending out to sea and heading for victoria :oops: We will post pics tomorrow.
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Sounds like great fun Sam.... :?
Good to see you're not letting a little weather get in the way of a good yakfish.
Good on the pair of you for taking on the conditions
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