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Noosa 22nd July

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Knowing it was going to be a bit chilly I decided to pick up some pants and some aqua boots as we left Brisbane - but the salesman I know said I was far better off with the "Shark Skin" than what I was looking at.

At $200 per pair - I'd bloody hope so - he actually gave me 50% off both pairs - so nervously I returned to the car where my wife saw the 2 new trousers, aqua boots and inflatable boat {the salesman GAVE this to me also - can't say I know what to do with it yet}

Anyway we were all smiles on the way up to Noosa - we did a bit of a paddle around for exercie, then started to fish as it was approaching sun set. I baited the first line and threw that in whilst trying to bait the second, and instantly the line went off. I am unsure exactly what fish it was - I think it was a luderick, 32cm but I released that.

Over the next 90 minutes we were catching fish almost faster than we could retrieve them, over a dozen bream were landed and two exciting bust-offs. All released, most under sized - no record breakers today.

Unfortunatly the weather closed in and it dumped it down big time with rain, so we called it quits. As we landed the rain dumped it down in what can only be described as a mini monsoon. I have never experienced rain that hard for years.

We had with us some freeze dried meals and boiling water in a thermos so that took care of dinner and we drive home. The cops followed me for a while I could see one pointing to his mate at my kayak, so I pulled over - but then slowly drove by and disappeared into the night.
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Mate sounds like a good trip regardless of the weather. Those coppers must have been admiring your yak.

Catch ya Scott
Nice one Phoenix, good report. Surely the missus could argue about the inflatible boat, you never know when you will need one :lol:
What made yesterday so fantastic was that there were only two boats fishing (from about 4pm) that I could see. Everyone else had bailed. With chances like that - who the hell could resist?

Yes there are a lot of stink boats around Noosa - many skippered by people who have Zero sence {I'm sure they have great personalities}

So you need to find places that stink boats don't go - or are at least a bit quieter. That shark Skin Clothing is fantastic - I'll be picking up some more soon.
Phoenix said:
That shark Skin Clothing is fantastic - I'll be picking up some more soon.
Is Shark Skin the brand name Phoenix? I googled it but couldn't find anything much
You could use the inflatable as a life raft for your yak, in case of emergencies. :lol:
That might be taking preperation a little too far :roll:
Hi Phoenix,

Sounds like a hoot man, I ask my wife if we can move to Noosa and this is how it goes,

Hey honey can we move to Noosa? no
Honey can we move to Noosa? no
Honey can we
ok dear
maybe one day :roll:

:D fishing Russ
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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