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Nod's first Yak fishing experience.

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G'day all.
I bought a pair of 2004 Cobra Tourers a few weeks back and finally got them on the water. I'm a bit miffed as I took a weeks holiday thinking with all the great weather we have had in Perth this winter I'd be out fishing everyday. Unfortunately its been raining and big swells all week but I still got out a few times.
On Monday the old man and I took the Yaks to Hillary's marina the had a bit of a paddle around the harbour to get a feel for the Yaks and practice our techniques then Tuesday I threw a rod in the car with a lure attached and headed back to the marina. I launched in the harbour again as there was a good Nor-westerly blowing and the seas were looking a bit rough and I ventured out past the heads and into open water.
Although it was the rough side I stuck close to the North wall of the marina as I wasn't sure how good my stamina would be if I headed South and had to paddle into the wind on my return.
I had the odd wave splashing over the bow and the swell was pushing me around a bit but the Yak felt really stable and I had no worries concentrating on my paddling and watching the tip of the rod wiggling with the action of the lure. I paddled back and forth along the North wall of the marina a few times stopping occasionally to clear some weed from the lure and managed to catch a Tailor of 25-30cm which I released. This of course spurned me on to do another few laps of the wall before I finally called it quits :D .
I'm really pleased with the Yak and am in the process of sorting out a crate setup and all the bits I need to make it a good fishing platform. The stability is great in the calm waters and felt even better in the chop and its light enough for me to carry and load/unload from the car on my own.
Looking forward to my next trip and hopefully catching a few more Tailor.


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Well done Nod - getting that first fish is a real buzz - and it gets better from here!
G'day Nod,

Congratulations on catching your first fish on your first serious fishing trip :D . Looks like you have gone to the dark side like the rest of us, it will get in your blood and the only way to relief it, is to do more fishing.
Good one Nod. Get into 'em
Congrats Nod, it's a great feeling getting that first fish. Like you , I am sure, I can't wait to get out for more.

Top job.
Couple of nice yaks there Nods, now the fun starts after the maiden run and first fish
Congrats on the yaks, and the fish Nod. I like the looks of the Tourer but haven't seen one in da flesh, it'll be good to see where ya take her and what she brings aboard :D
Thanks for the comments fellas.
I went out again today at the same spot only I launched off the beach to the North of the marina. The NW winds were stirring up the sea quite a bit and it was a rough ride, paddling into the wind and swell was hard work and was probably making my lure look a bit lazy as my first hookup came when I stopped paddling and started to wind in the lure to check for weed on the hooks. The rod bent over and the reel screemed as the fish made a run for it, I glanced over my shoulder in time to see the silvery flank of a Tailor shimmer in the overcast conditions as the fish broke the surface trying to shake itself free of the trebles. I kept the pressure on and tightened the drag a little as I started to wind him in. He dove to the bottom and changed tack doing numerous figure eights under the Yak as I dragged him towards the surface, Finally there was that familiar silvery flank then with one final lift he was clear of the water and swinging precariously above my Yak as I fumbled for a grip on him. A beautiful 42cm Tailor, my first decent catch on my second trip in the Yak..I love this boat.
After placing my catch in the sack and placing the sack in the bucket I figured it would be a good idea to half fill the bucket with water, that done I figured I'd stick the bucket at the back of the Yak behind the plastic box (with lid thankfully) that holds my knife, anchor etc when splash! in I go, the Yak flips over, the box slips from under the bungee cords and I find myself struggling to keep my head above water in increasingly choppy seas while holding a half a bucket of water and fish in one hand and a box with a anchor in it in the other. Somehow I managed to right the Yak and throw everything on without any losses (thanks mostly the the contributors to the Sticky links on this board with the ideas like tethering everything to the Yak) and clambered aboard. I continued to troll for a while longer but it was really getting too rough and I didnt want to risk another capsize so I started to head back to shore when the rod bent and flexed under the weight of another strike!. No great fight this time but it was a great herring measuring 28cm.
As I got closer to shore I could see the waves had really picked up and were smashing against the seaweed walls that had formed over the last few weeks with more force than I was game to tackle so I paddled back along the North wall and into the harbour for a calm landing on the marina beach.
I had a good little adventure, a great workout and am now about to have a good feed of fresh fish. Time to sit back and contemplate the changes I need to make to the crate stowage before the next trip...and definately get a lifejacket sorted out.


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Well done on the fish Nod. Glad to see your lesson was relatively inexpensive. Don't forget to strip down your reel and flush out the salt.

A pfd is a good idea at the best of times. There is no excuse going into open waters without one
Great stuff mate. Nice tailor , arent they the best when they jump and carry on. If you con tinue to go out in the rough stuff having the odd roll over is part of it ( is for me, I'm in the drink usually once a session), however I have noticed over the past month or so it gradually becomes second nature( not to fall in), which for me means I can go into even more rougher conditions. :wink:
Also the salt water on the reels, thats why I'm giving the Alveys a run which I really love using, as my spinning reels dont have very long life this way :cry:
I know what you mean with the reels, mine spent a few hours soaking in fresh water. I figured from reading this forum and my first paddle that the reel was going to get pretty wet even if it didnt end up submerged so I,m only using cheapish reels figuring I can replace them regularly. I've got an Alvey but I prefer the ease of the eggbeater in the yak. I'll probably use my better reels when I'm more experienced and the conditions improve.
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