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No more yaking for me , Oh the pain!

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Disaster! When I went out with the guys to Iron Pot and came back to shore I was unable to get out of my super yak. I had to roll out onto the sand like a big seal and push myself up from the gunales of the yak. I couldnt bend my knee or put any weight on it, MUCH PAIN!!
Finally got the knee x-rayed, bad news. I cant go yakin' again now for quite some time. Not sure yet just how long it will be but it wont be this side of Christmas!
I was carring our little German Sherherd puppy about six weeks ago and tripped over a netting fence. I came down on my knees onto the concrete and dropped the puppy from 3 feet also onto the concrete. She screamed for a full minute and I forgot about the knees and my own pain.
Went to Five Rocks and stopped to take photos, turned around and tripped over a huge rock. Final result, I have broken some pieces off the femur and they are floating around in the k/joint. No wonder I couldn't get out of the yak!
I now have to have surgery on the knee. Just when I was all set to go out with you guys and show you how to catch (big) fish around Rita Mada and Fishing Creek. Oh well, at least I can start building the scale model (one sixth full size) of the new strip planked yak I have designed. I have just finished designing the cross-sections and profile. Hope to have the model built before the end of the year. It's so frustrating and painfull!

Freckles :( :x :cry:
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not good news freckles - the newest member of the Cq yakking community shot down in the early days! On the bright side it gives you time to work on making that new yak and maybe an even bigger paddle :wink: :lol:
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