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No more yaking for me , Oh the pain!

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Disaster! When I went out with the guys to Iron Pot and came back to shore I was unable to get out of my super yak. I had to roll out onto the sand like a big seal and push myself up from the gunales of the yak. I couldnt bend my knee or put any weight on it, MUCH PAIN!!
Finally got the knee x-rayed, bad news. I cant go yakin' again now for quite some time. Not sure yet just how long it will be but it wont be this side of Christmas!
I was carring our little German Sherherd puppy about six weeks ago and tripped over a netting fence. I came down on my knees onto the concrete and dropped the puppy from 3 feet also onto the concrete. She screamed for a full minute and I forgot about the knees and my own pain.
Went to Five Rocks and stopped to take photos, turned around and tripped over a huge rock. Final result, I have broken some pieces off the femur and they are floating around in the k/joint. No wonder I couldn't get out of the yak!
I now have to have surgery on the knee. Just when I was all set to go out with you guys and show you how to catch (big) fish around Rita Mada and Fishing Creek. Oh well, at least I can start building the scale model (one sixth full size) of the new strip planked yak I have designed. I have just finished designing the cross-sections and profile. Hope to have the model built before the end of the year. It's so frustrating and painfull!

Freckles :( :x :cry:
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Freckles bad luck mate, I had a cobber have the same treatment about 5 years ago and came back good as gold after the op.

Take care of the leg and I'm sure the blokes will be keen when you are OK again :wink:
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