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News on the wavedance

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Well we went out to wavedance today and the news on the new dedicated fishing yak they are doing is that it's still about 5-6 weeks off before the first yaks are moulded ready to test.

There was a fault with the original mould which has now been rectified.
From what we were told it is very much like another very popular yak on the market.
Roughly the length is about 4 mtrs and the width is about 720- 750mm wide with front and rear hatches much like the scupper pro.

can't wait. :D :D
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Welcome to the forum Casseldale

There's also been more discussion on this forum about this kayak here.
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Hi Castledale,

Welcome aboard mate. :D
from what i know there is a blue one out there somewhere :wink:
Iv'e had a report given to me by a fellow about the new wavey. It is supposed to be faster than the scupper pro .
Very happy with the "on" water test and a dream to turn even without the rudder. :lol:
They named it the" Kingfisher".

Before anyone thinks i have any inside info on it think again, it's on a web site.

Don't know if it's not released for sale "yet" but there are a few potterin about, here and there and it's real close to being spot on.

8) 8) :wink: :wink: :wink: :D :D
Good one occy.
You should find
1 fast
2 easy to turn even without a rudder.
Hmm bigger the better, but i seriousy dought that they will be able to do much to the well knowing how much is involved with getting the mould made or for that matter changed....

It's all good, so i hear anyway :wink:
Enjoy the run Paul she looks good in the pics on the website.

A pic with you on board would give perspective, if at all possible
Dodge it's pretty big, i was surprised the first time i saw one,stable too.
It's only 100mm shorter than their double and the same width.
It looks like a very nice ride and in my ignorance the hull looks a bit "Prowlerish" so it should be a winner.

Catch ya Bent
Looks pretty good to me, the only thing I am not too keen on is the grab lines around the deck, I reckon they detract from the appearance of the yak and give it a slightly 'cheaper' look. Also might make fitting accessories harder unless it is completely removed (anchor trolleys for eg.)

The shape of the hull looks good :) , and I like the small tankwell and double hatch setup.

Could be a good contender, personally if I can find an Australian made product which is of a high standard I'll always buy the local product over a similar quality imported item......if I were in the market for a new yak this might be high on my list :)
hmm yeah very scupper pro like ,would you say :wink:

To easy to not have the line around it ,just tell em to leave it off, and give you the screws and loops that would have gone on to you instead.

you'll love it occy.
If its a standard feature though I guess you would have to order one from the factory without rather that buy out of stock at a distributor. I'd probably have it as an option rather than standard. Easier to fit at the distribution level than take custom orders all the time?

Less hassles, especially if the majority of customers didnt want it.

Good looking yak though for sure :)
Good report Paul, it certainly sounds like the goods, and the easy loading has to be a bonus
Hi Occy
great report - have noticed on ebay that they are selling the Wavedance calypso and echo for $799 and $650 respectively - excluding postage - looking for a second yak ( for non-fishing "herindoors") as you have a calypso for a non fisherperson would you give it the thumbs up and does the price sound ok - given freight is about $100-120
Great report Occy,

Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I have been watching this yak come together over the last year as the factory where they make them is in my vicinity. Went for a Swing at the time since the Wavedance still was a way off from being available.

The size of the hatches are excellent, my only slight negative is that unlike the Swing's you do not have ready access to one on the water. However it looks a great yak and a serious alternative to the Swing and Prowler 13 and is locally manufactured.

Good luck with the purchase if you can get the nod.
Great report Occy. That rear well looks like it may take a milk crate. If I see one laying around should I be grabing it for you? :twisted:

Beware of those crates they seem to breed, don't know if its the climate or not, but I have 5 with different genes, in 3 colours. :wink:

If you want to put the blue one to stud with one of mine thats OK, but I have first pick of the litter :lol:
I would have liked to see a raised console such as prowelrs,swings ,dorado have . Oh well.
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