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gday all
ive just joined this forum, and am currently yakless.
unlike some people, i can paddle and do that sort of stuff etc, as my cousins have a surf ski that im allowed to use :)
anyway, im keen on a kayak for fishing melbourne's port phillip bay. At this stage i don't really know what i'm looking for, which is why i'm making this post
I like the sit on top style more than sit in - it allows me to use the yak as a spearing platform as well.
i think i'd prefer a plastic one, i like the toughness of it over the speed of the glass ones.
as im 15, im still growing, but at the moment im about 177cm and 67 kg. going by my dads height im guessing ill probably end up somewhere around 185-6 cm and 80 kg

i need room for myself, 2 rods, maybe a milk crate or similar full of gear and a small esky or fishbox.
id say the parental plus my funds would dictate that im probably restricted to something around $600- 650
a few things.
what sort of length should i be looking at? (thinking 2.7-3 m)
SHould it have hatches?
what else should i look for in general?
thanks for reading this, and also thanks in advance for any help or hints that come my way

ps ill try to try the yaks out before i buy.

pps im very open to ideas - i may be wrong about anything above. please correct me or suggest something else if you reckon i should look into it

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Peter J has an espri for sale that would probably meet most of your needs.
The espri's are a very stable little yak.I use mine for rivers , dams and inshore waters without any problems so far. At 3.5m long it certainly handled a short and sharp swell beter than I expected.

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thanks for that heno.
id just like a bit more general kayak info before i take the plunge and buy something.
so would you reckon something around 3.5m is on the money for me?
cheers for that

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Hi Nick
Welcome to the forum. In past discussions about this subject it has been the general consensus that no yak will do everything you want it to.
To use a computer analogy, buy the best you can afford, so it will be easier to add to it. As you become more proficient at the sport and you increase your fishing skills, you will need a boat that will "grow" with you i.e. fishfinder, GPS, live tankwell etc.
Here are maybe a few tips that might help:
1. Write down what you want to do. You will probably find a kayak that will do one or two requirements really well and the rest..well..compromise
2. Once narrowed down to particular models, take them out for a test paddle.
3. Test a kayak on a windy day
4. Test paddle a loaded kayak. Pretend you have all your gear in it by bringing with you a milk crate and a couple of bottles of 5 liter water/soft drink/juice.
5. Decide whether you need a rudder or not. Usually longer yaks will probably be better with a rudder, especially if you are going on the ocean. Shorter ones (less than 15-16ft) can probably do without. Make sure all the rudder components are adjustable, to compensate for your growth.
6. You will need bulkheads and compartments. Make sure they are watertight. Storage of dry clothes, equipment etc. is important.
7. If you can't find waves, pour water over the hatches and examine them for water tightness.
8. Ask people on this forum or around why do they like their particular kayak. Any peculiarities about their model.
9. See if you can lift the kayak on your own.
10. Choose a reputable company to deal with and you should not have any major hassles.
I have a Prowler 15. I do ocean fishing and some in rivers, lakes and the Harbour. It is long (15ft), it has a rudder, it is fast and very stable. I feel very secure on it. I changed the centre hatch because it leaked, and that fixed the problem. It has got me out of tricky situations and although the older model Prowler, it is built like a tank and I love it.
Good luck

Prowler 15

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Nick, Welcome to the fold. Good luck with your decision. Simon has given some excellent advice there. Be sure to post the results of your venture!

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Ask Peter J for a test paddle, if you like it grab it before someone else does, looks like good value to me.
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