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New Yakker with some old questions

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Hi Folks,

Just joined up and here is my first post outside of the New Members forum.

I am looking into which Yak to get as my first, so far I have come down to one of three options
Hobie Mirage Outfitter,
Hobie Mirage Outback, or
Cobra Fish n Dive XF or Tandem
The reason for looking at the Tandem models is for the potential of my young son joining my on the water. And there in lies one of my questions:

How easy are the Tandem units to handle on the water for a single operator?

Other considerations I have is being just over 6 foot and weighing over the 110 kg mark :roll: , so Yaks of these calibres are probably necessary, I am assuming?

Does anyone out there possess a Hobie Outfitter and can you make any recommendations on soloing in these units?
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Hi Blaen
Just had my new Cobra Fish n Dive (single) out today for its maiden voyage. :D
I took all three kids for rides (one at a time) in the small seat provided. (The passenger faces the driver.) It went well for this purpose and the kids had a ball.
The Fish n Dive is very stable and moves along fast enough for a wide yak. If you will only sometimes be taking a child with you I would suggest a single yak. As for the other brands you suggested I have no experience of these.
I reckon the Hobie Outfitter would be great for the purpose you have described mate. (albeit very pricey).

I've read that they handle ok solo, and I reckon if your taking the young fella out he'd love to be able to help dad paddle using the mirage drive.
It would be a lot easier for him to help in this way rather than paddle?.
G'day Blaen, I have a swing double and have fished solo in it a couple times. The double can be a pain to paddle on your own but if you are able to put some weight in the spare seat it will handle better. I have taken my 9 yo son and paddled with him and encouraged him to paddle on his own for a short distance and he managed to move us along at a slow pace but he was doing it . My 13 yo daughter and her friend managed to paddle together and had a ball and launched and landed on their own. When my wife and I go out together I sit up front and set the stroke and she keeps in time with me and takes all the photos and catches all the good fish :lol:. they jokingly call double kayak's divorce makers because if you and you partner paddle together and dont get in sync it can lead to arguments :twisted: and you might end up fishing on your own. hope this helps a bit
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yeah I agree with others that a single yak is a better proposition than a double, especially as your son is quite young??

I have a 5 year old daughter who comes out with me on occasion and either sits between my legs or she rides in the rear tankwell. at her age it's all about having a fun paddle, and i never really do any serious fishing when she's along for the ride.

I also find that due to her age, about an hour max is all the time she's willing to spend out with me before she gets bored/ upset/ cold/hot/hungry/needs to go to the toilet NOW etc (although if we stop at beaches and look at jellyfish etc it takes longer!)

Any yaks in the 12-14 foot range would probably have the buouyancy to cope with a big lad like yourself plus a youngster, FYI I'm 6'3" and 105kg.

If you get hooked on yak fishing (which I suspect you will) then youll probably find that you'll want to spend most of your time solo.

welcome and good luck!


I ride a Tarpon 120 (12 foot)
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Thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate the advice.

Now to try and make a decision :lol:

I plan on going to Melbourne in a month or two, so if I decide upon a Hobie I might wait until then as I will be taking the car over. Basically because the Hobies are on average $300 cheaper in Melbourne than in Hobart. :shock:

Thanks again, hope to be on the water soon.
Well I have decided I can't wait 3 months before I go to Melbourne for my Yak, so I am ordering a Hobie Outback Fisherman this morning from Hobart.

Looks like I will get a reasonable deal after all, thanks for the advice guys much appreciated.
Onya Blaen. Fellow sportfishtasser Sam from the site is posed to get a yak also so it will be a bit of a novelty to see other yak fishos out and about down here. Sam and I are already beginning to plan a bream trip so if you are keen and you release your bream you are welcome. If you would rather chase a feed, Sam mentioned a Craigbourne trip after Atlantics and trout which is soemthing I never need much encouraging to do.

Catch ya Scot
Thanks Scott,

Would love to get out with Sam and yourself, hopefully have the Yak before the Bream Trip, but happy to do either the Bream Trip or Craigbourne, or even both :lol:

Happy to C&R the Bream (not the greatest eating fish anyway IMHO) even happier to get a feed of Atlantics or Trout

Speaking of the Sportsfishtas site I applied for posting rights there last week and just waiting on acceptance :wink:
No worries Blaen, lets me know when you get your yak and we can sort something out. There are a few people down here contemplating a fishing yak at the moment so all going well we may have a Tassie contingent in no time.

Catch ya Scott
Scott said:
There are a few people down here contemplating a fishing yak at the moment so all going well we may have a Tassie contingent in no time.
I have a couple of guys here at work thinking about getting into it too. One is going for a Hobie Outfitter, the other thinks he will be better off in a canoe :roll:

Even if they don't both do it, I am sure more of us on the water is a dead set cert'.
Got a call from my Hobie Agent today, MY YAK HAS ARRIVED IN HOBART Woooooo Hoooooo :lol:

Only trouble is until my racks arrive I can't get it home, damn this is like torture :wink:
The checklist now stands at:
Yak - Big Tick
Racks - almost here
PFD - pick up when I get the Yak
Wet Suit - getting measured and fitted tomorrow
Selection of Rods - Tick
Overly keen and anxious nature - Big Tick :lol:
Onya Blaen, look forwards to reading your reports when you get her and hooking up for a lash mate.

Catch ya Scott
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