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new to kyak fishing, what kyak for south australian fishing?

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Hey all, I'm new to this sport and i want to know what sort of kyak would be good for inshore and fresh water fishing in South Australian waters.
Where do i go to see these kyaks and how much is an average set up going to cost me?
My wife will be fairly tight with the purse strings so i need to be reasonably conservative.
Look forward to your replys.
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Welcome to the forum Michael

No doubt you will get replies from some of the SA blokes, but in the interim check some of the older pages in this section, and also in Rigged Kayaks to get many ideas of your needs.

An early decision you have to make is the style of fishing you intend ie: inshore or offshore...and importantly paddle as many as you can before buying
Mike, I would be sending a PM to The Mariner and seeing if you could either hook up for a paddle or have a look at some of his. He really knows his stuff and is always ready to share his knowledge. My advice is to listen to what Dodge says and paddle as many as you can. I will add to not put too much emphasis on primary stability as all good fishing yaks have more secondary stability than you will ever need if you come in under the maximum weight for them and if you buy a barge you will soon upgrade for something with some more performance.

Catch ya Scott
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Hi Mike,

Yes, I'd be happy to help where I can. PM me & we'll set something up.
Gday Mike - always good to see another South Aussie on the site. The few SA blokes that are on this forum seem to be a pretty diverse sort of bunch in that most of us have yaks different to each other. Like the rest of us, you're probably going to have to rely on various reviews and comments on this site and others to try and pick a winner - and don't be afraid to pm members either for their comments about their yaks - and pick Phil's brains if you get a chance. Everyone that I have spoken to on this site seem very straight up when it comes to talking about their yaks - they will readily tell you the problems they have found, and also will tell you the benefits of their own yaks and why they bought the model they did.
Unfortunately Adelaide does not seem to be blessed with many retailers who sell yaks suitable for fishing. I got mine from Adelaide Canoe Works, but from my experience whilst they sell fishing yaks they have little knowledge of the requirements of us yak fishos - and they don't have a huge range to select from (for instance they don't have Swings) - plus they don't let you test paddle either. Perception Swings are on display at the Scout Shop in Rundle Street, and Harris Scarfe did have some on display for awhile as well.
Good luck with it - you'll get hooked like the rest of us.
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thanks guys, will have to check out all information listed and will pm individuals as recommended.
Just need to convince the wife that it will be a good investment.
yeah hi mike. welcome to the clan!! as well as the Mariner (Perception Swing, Malibu's and others from memory) and Adelaide Canoe Works Ocean Kayak Prowler range, Cobra yaks and lots of SIKs) there is also the range of Hobie peddle-powered yaks at Glascraft marine.

As for the tight budget, go see the Phil (the Mariner) and he will be able to sort you out pretty well. He did for me :D

good luck with the choice, it is the single-most important decision you will make, IMHO. enjoy :wink:
hi Mike,
Welcome to the world of kayak fishing, nice to see another south aussie interested in the sport. I have a Cobra Pro Fisherman that I got from ACW and I'm very happy with it. I agonised over which one to get too and I was weighing up the Prowler 15 and the Cobra. I eventually went with the Cobra mainly because I thought the hatches were more practical. I wouldn't say I'm a 100% happy with it but I don't think you'll find any yak that would fit that category. Choosing a kayak does come down to personal choice that is why I would be reluctant to make any recommendations. I agree with the other posts that the mariner would be the best adviser on this matter especially here in Adelaide. The Prowlers and the Cobra are around $1600.00 and if you find that price beyond your budget then don't even bother to look at the Hobie's.
Best of luck in your kayak hunting.
Cobra PF
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Hello Mike: Welcome to the forum and the SA bunch. As has been stated we are pretty diverse and have a range of kayaks. I have just got a Malibu X-Factor and must say if you are on a tight budget it might not fit your purse. Comes in at $2200 and that is without the rudder which adds another $400. Great boat for the likes of me I need a Cruiser to carry me. Destroyer will not do it. Your welcome to have a paddle of her though as mine is the only one in SA.

Look forward to catching up on the water

Welcome Mike,

Research, ask questions and look back through the forum and then more research. Don't be hastey. Aslo maybe don't limit yourself to one style of fishing and consider an option with broader possibilities.

Anyway welcome, you will love the sport and you will have to catch up with some of us SA crew for a fish.

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