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New line from spool to reel

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I used to place line on my spinning reel with the new spool of line laying flat on the ground and the wraps of line going onto my spin reel in the exact lay as it came off the reel. I watched Starlo lay a new reel with line using the old screwdriver through the reel trick keeping a finger on the spool for control. I tried this but am not happy with the application. It may be me but I feel like it has line twist. What is the prefered method.

:D fishing Russ
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This probably doesn't help you guys much, but I try to get the shop where I buy the line to spool it on for me using a machine (if they have one) - no twist and a nice tight spooling every time. Every fishing shop in Melbourne I've tried will do this for free if you buy the line from them. :wink: Some will even provide free backing if (for example) you're only spooling a reel with 150m of braid, but still want the spool filled to the lip.
Russ, Compleat Angler stores in Melbourne do it, Sydney Compleat Anglers should be the same I reckon.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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