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New Hobie Mirage Outfitter Fisherman Yakker

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G'day everybody...
Just got the awesome hobie outfitter fisherman for my 21st a few weeks ago and have been out on it very chance i have had.. Its awesome, i love it, only ventured out around Roseville bridge for the moment and up towards bantry bay.. yea... im a Sydney boy on the North Shore.... If you have any kayak fishing spots around Sydney which you are willing to tell,, it would be much appreciated.. cheers..

Anyway, so far the fishing has been pretty good, caught a 33cm taylor trolling the other day inland which was awesome with a little orange diver lure.. Otherwise just been catching the usual small bream and whiting, which seem to be everywhere around the roseville waters.. The kayak is tandem aswell which makes useful for fishing with a mate, still havnt tryed it solo although have heard it works a treat, the only problem is getting it on top of the car by myself..

Will post some pictures next time i go out and hopefully of some decent looking fish... Love your site and its already been so useful.. Cheers all... looking forward to having a fish soon

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You got the same Yak as me! AWESOME!

Now someone else knows what im going on about, isnt it a ripper! What colour did you get? What colour did you get? <drools>

Ive used it for about an hour solo and had a ball, handy for escaping wakes and sudden waves... oh & blind water police! <sigh>

Welcome to the hobievolution!
drevsy said:
paffoh, the kayak is green and looks awesome when its all loaded up, still trying to figure out the best spot to place the additional rod holder which comes with the fishing kit. Another thing have you used the anchor much?? ive used it a few times now but seem to be always changing where im tying it to to account for the tides.. ive been tying it down mid-way done the port side in front of the rear paddler, as it gives a open area to cast from the other side for both paddlers.. maybe its something that will always have to change i guess...
To be honest i havent setup the anchor yet, ive been slowly testing the yak to see what it can do... but after the winds i experienced on my local lake lately i think the sooner the better.

Which dealer did you get the hobie from? Apparently the should have installed the additional rod holder for you, apparently its the requirement of all hobie dealers to ensure your package is setup ready to go...

Green eh? awesome... that was the other colour i wanted....

I got sand colour, pretty cool :)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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