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My New Yak

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Presenting my new "baby" - Cobra Fish N Dive,its a study battleship for a big bloke like myself. I wish I had discovered Kayak fishing years ago - oh well better late than never :wink: . Will try and keep the setup basic for fishing @ Durras Lake but we all know the saying about boys and there toys. The weekend these pics were taken I caught 5 flatties and a flounder which I am "stoked" about, the kayak has given me new freedom to explore and fish places that I could only dream about before.


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good looking yak there. go the carrier at least it turns a tad quicker than the real nimitz
Congrats on your new Yak Richard looks like a nice rig. :)
Cheers Benjamin
Nice rig mate congrats. Lets go for a paddle!
Sweet looking yak richard!!

Great to see another FnD user on the site :D :D
I was out with Squidder on the weekend and was impressed with that large centre hatch on his FnD. It may not have the speed of a Swing but I think that as far as ease of onwater underdeck access goes they are a winner.

Nice colours too Richard.
G'day mate,

Good work with the new yak. Let us know when you;re ready for a paddle. I plan on going out this weekend (both days with a bit of luck) but just locally.

Give me a call if you're interested (0419768554). How about you Shad? up for a paddle? I was thinking Googong.

Have fun!
Very nice indeed, I may just upgrade to one now.
Fantastic Richard; guess the Durras lizards will be ducking for cover now
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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