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My new favourite shop...

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Hi Guys. I'm up on the Gold Coast for a few days work and had to drop in and see a few customers today around the Ashmore area. I drove past a massive ANACONDA store and, as so many guys have posted comments about this store on this forum, thought I'd driop in for a bit of a look-see.

Holy crap! What a store!. All my favourite stuff under one roof. A good selection of yaks (including the Prowler Elite for $1699 - $100 less than the importer in Sydney wants to charge me), great selection of fishing, camping, hiking, mountain biking gear etc etc etc....with heaps of specials.

This is seriously the best store I've ever seen, unbelievable..

Wish we had these in Sydney!
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I to like to give my money to locals BUT......Are hard earned cash get spent where ever we can save the most money......."joe" the local tackle shop dude might be a great guy.......but my family come first, if i can save money get the things i want and the money ive save can be spend on my son or wife im going to shop in the cheapest places.

But like Dallas said your local tackle shop can compeat with be stores........because your local tackle dude keep his/her ear to the floor on what the customer wants and whats working in that area. Big chain store dont care about that they just do discounts on old stock they want gone
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