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My Natureline Wanderer (modified)

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Hi guys, Phill re-sized this pic for me, thanks mate. the pic was taken on the day that I bought if from Kerry at Natureline. (Not rigged at the time)
I'll get my lovely wife to take a pic of it rigged as it is now and post it soon to give an idea of how I have set it up. This has been an evolving process and I've been getting a lot of ideas from this forum (thanks guys).

the beauty of this little boat for me is that it is very fast (easy on the arms)
little affected by wind, very stable and it gives a relatively dry ride considering the size of the cocpit. I have never taken a chop into the cockpit.

The draw-backs are limited deck space and no access to items stored in the hatch while in the boat.

Still having trouble. will keep trying :evil:

Natureline - Wanderer,Osprey,Mermaid
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Hairy - Have you done any importing before? I haven't and blithely left it all up to Leon. He assures me all will be well, but this little wood duck is a tad nervous.....haven't heard anything from his shipping company, though I have had some 'puter probs lately.
I agree with you Hairy on the price of the Extasea. Does make me feel a lot better about the Dorito. :D

By the time it is in my hot little hands I shouldn't see much change out of $2,000. There's GST to pay upon arrival and I think import tax is 10% and I'm hoping the current stuff up on the wharves in Melbourne will have decongested itself by the time it arrives so I won't have to pay any storage costs.

I wish I knew exactly what the process is and all the costs involved. I didn't push Leon into explaining all the detail and have just accepted his assurances that I needn't worry. Kicking myself a bit about that, but then his assurances have been convincingly reassuring. :? A wimpy way to part with the hard earned and not the most mature way to do business on my part, but if I don't hear from someone soon I'll want to know why.
Thanks Occy for the advice :D and I will post developments in case anyone else is thinking of going down the same route. I'm all at sea here and this is why I'm so much more comfortable working as a brain dead labourer.

When it comes to things financial, digital and mechanical, my head has a spasm and goes into gridlock. :oops:
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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