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Moreton Bay 14/10

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Thanks to Scotty Beefs and Shayned for the ideas - However with the forecast for Moreton bay as good as it gets I thought I would try some offshore/inshore work. (will try the Roys Road area another day - Looks good)

Had been thinking about seeing what spots in the bay were accessable by Yak.

Spent about 6 hours on the water (Bum somewhat sore), 25kms round trip leaving from Wellington Point: included circumnavigating St Helena Island.

Fishing was average: 2 x cod, 2 x Grinner, 1x snapper (all small and released). Had a few hits from Tailor and Bream and saw tuna busting up a few times (just out of casting range).

Absuolutey stunning day the wind picked up around mid morning but was still under 15 knots by the time I got back.

Saw a heaps of small sharks on the NE flats - They take off quick if you spook them. Heaps of turtles and something large and grey (I am hoping it was a dugong).

I think the Bream fishos would love the N.E of the island. Saw plenty and some sizeable models amongst them.

Next time Straddie!! or Morteon!!


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Top report poly. Gotta be some good fish waiting for you
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