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Moore River 2nd December

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We still on for the paddle guys ?? Havent heard from you so am not sure ????
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Hey mate,

I'm definitely still in. Aparently we're getting some rain between now and then - clearing up late Thursday. Hopefully that will flush out the inlets a little and we'll have fish jumping in the esky :)

What time did you want to get there? I'm thinking nice and early is a good idea.

Were we also going to meet up some place or just head straight there?

I'm thinking I'll take a page out of your book and just bring lures this time. Will try and get some batteries for my deapth sounder as well. Will definitely bring water and sunscreen this time too :wink:

Have fun mate.
:idea: Another bright idea,

I might try and get out on the Swan Friday after work for a couple of hours - sort of warm up paddle.

Hey Chopper, how about 1730 Friday where we launched last time? It's the only place I've fished the Swan so if you have a better idea I'm happy to go with that.

Dave, I'm in for Sunday. I'm out on a boat for Saturday. Sounds like you have a much better idea of where to go than I do so I'm happy to meet you anywhere.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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