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mooloolabah canals 15-17

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Fished the canals around mooloolabah for the esessions while I was having a weekend gettaway. All weekend fished with 3 inch stickbait soft plastics aiming for bream after catching my first bream on soft plastics a week earlyer from my new tempo. I used two brands one berkley 3 inc bass minow and some atomic power minows in a longer :?: 3 inch size. the fist day got there at about 6am. first cast at a rock point jot some soft nudges at the atomic. I moved on and fished the floating jetty pontoons. I found one that I got a couple of hits at and could see the schooling fishes heads nudge above the watter under the pontoon from a gap at the side. I kept on casting and got the lure stuck on the top of the pontoon. as I paddled over the lure slipped through a gap and was inturn jigging in the water under a jetty. I could feel what was going to happen. I hooked a trevaly through the crack. The size was that of a big bream but he was pulled in, netted and released while the line was still through the jetty. anyway that seemed to shut those fish down for then. fished some others getting some swirls and hits without hookups.

I returned to that same pontoon on the way back and found a spot on shure where I could stand and cast at the jetty. I hooked up to what I think was a small travaly or an angry bream. I had my drag set tighter than I thought and was snapped in about 3 sec's flat.

2'nd morning fished the same spot for an uder sizesd flathead. Fished some mored boats with not much action. But then on the way back through on an old berkley softplastic that was going all wierd and hazey looking. Two small bream in 5 mins. I thing they would have been a few centermeters above leagal but I didn't have the ruler or camera. Then I threw a cast at the oldest crustyest pontoon and caught my personal best bream. And would you beleve no camera, no ruler. dam

anyway the 3'rd morning was real windy fishing was very difficult.


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Well done Lindsay, got to try me some of that trick fishing :lol: What was that, cast ,through the deck of the pontoon,hook trevally,catch & release. Difficulty rating 9.5. Mal
Nice work Lindsay, a pb bream is always a good thing.
Cheers Dave
Congrats on first sp bream Lindsay, and on the PB
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