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Molonglo River Canberra, Sunday 12th Nov, no fish

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Hi Yakkers

Well trip number 2. Depart 1pm for troll down the Molonglo river, beautiful spot, paddling in for the first time I can see what shore based anglers are missing out on, such a beatiful spot, and not expected! The sounder showed a depth of 7 meters as soon as you entre the mouth of the river, and fish were marked on the sounder at 5 meters.....trolled with a 4.5 depth lure, no luck, dropped spinner baits to the bottom to but no luck. Started to employ the trick of paddling over the air bubbles, sounder would mark fish at 3 meters, but no bite..........

Beautiful day for a paddle, bit windy on the way back, especially coming back into east basin, but topped it off with a beer and thoughts about Googong on the 19th!



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Aleg75, the pics make the water look great. I'd certainly rate a day on water like that a top day. And not catching fish is my hobby so it would probably be a good spot for me. Actually I try to catch em, but I am running out of excuses why I don't. So I will have to just say I do sportsfishing where I give the fish more chances to not get caught.
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