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Middle Harbour/Balmoral 17/12 early

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What can i say.......

I'm hooked.

Launched from Tunks park ramp at 8am and headed to a little bay with some shipwrecks. Tossing sp's spooked a large flatty in the shallows then hooked up on a nice Tailor (40cm) with a gulp sandworm camo beside a wreck. This first fish from the yak was so [email protected]#$en awesome. Picture glassy water with a bush and sandstone backdrop and several black Cormorants watching from the deck of a rusted ship which is jutting from the water. The Tailor goes for a nice run on the 6lb outfit then proceeds to launch itself towards me, landing at the side of the yak. Landed, he then takes a nice 3 gashes out of my hand when removing the hook, such ingratitude ey.

Put on a HB deep diver for a troll. Just past the point opposite Northbridge yacht clup and I get smashed big time, I have never had a reel screaming so hard, ZZZZZ! In under 10 seconds i've lost 125yards of fireline, and the mono backing is beginning to peel off too. I further tighten up the drag near to max and line is still peeling off at the same rate then pop..... Nothing but a frayed half of 12lb leader left. I was shaking after that when retying for another pass at the same area. Suspect a kingy is the culprit. Needless to say I’ll be back with some heavier tackle. In hindsight next time I hook up on the troll I will try to remember to dig in the paddle to turn around a bit incase a chase is necessary, that realy got me by suprise, what should u do?.

The Yak setup worked well, but jeez you get a wet ass in the scupper pro. Will be geting a WP digicam soon for piccie goodness, and will post some pimped up pics later in the week when the rest of the tweaking is done to the yak.

What a first day I hope there are plenty more like it!! A big thanks to all on this site, as the assistance and information here has been invaluable in getting me onto the water. Looking forward to meeting some of you on the water soon too.

:D :D
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The kayak gives you a whole new perspective on fishing; doesn't it. There is nothing like hooking up a good fish while sitting a couple of inches off the water. It gives you a tremendous sense of connection with the ocean. Enjoy the obsession.
Nicely done tuco,

That first fish from a yak really get the blood pumping.

Cheers Dave
The Good, the bad and the bust up. :p
Good to hear you had a good time mate.
Re: the scupper pro being a wet ride, I haven't had a wet bum once since Richo and I plugged the scuppers up with some pool noodle cut to size so it just takes a bit of pressure to push in, cost you about 3inches of noodle and 2 minutes to trim it to size. :wink:
Great action for a first run Peter and glad you enjoyed the experience.

My swing is also wet through the scuppers and mine are plugged with pool noodle as well [as described by Karl], cut to good oversize diameter and they will keep you dry without any sealant required
Way to go Peter. A nice fish to start and an unstoppable. If only everyday was like that. Catch you on the water soon
awesome stuff tuco and a great introduction to why this sport is so much FUN!
Thanks for your encouragement guys. I just need to get rid of old sour tits then i can go whenever I want :lol:

Good advice re the scupper plugs. I will be doing that later today thanks.

tuco said:
I just need to get rid of old sour tits then i can go whenever I want :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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