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Micro Mullet?

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Hi guys,

quick question. does anybody else use Micro Mullet HBs by Lively Lures.

I bought one a few weeks ago as part of my ongoing quest to find a lure that catches as well as my beloved SX40s, only cheaper.

Took it for a walk down the Burrum River on Friday and also trolled a SX40 (blue gill) at the same time.

The score for the day was astonishing.

Micro mullet - 7 estuary cod 38 to 49cm and 3 bream (legal)
SX40 - 1 cod, one bream and one moses perch (all undersize)

:shock: :shock: :shock: :D

needless to say, I have ordered a "few" more mullet :D :D :D
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I have used the MMs for ages on Flathead. Also just got back from up your way, posting a report soon! Thanks for the tips, they were absoutely spot on.
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