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Melbourne this weekend 7th/8th October

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Any Mangoes keen for a fish? I'm definately going Saturday morning and (weather dependant) Sunday as well. Squidette is running the half-marathon on Sunday so she is out for both days - which opens the door for some crazy early or distant paddles for me. At present I am considering launching at Ricketts at about 4am Saturday (well before daybreak) to make the most of the dawn bite. I might also be tempted to join the New Improved Poddy's Pinkies on Lure Society (NIPPLS) and troll a few around.

All welcome :D
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Smurf, since Michelle isn't coming out Sat morning I'll have a spare yak - it's only a little fella though, so I guess it depends on how big you are. It's a Venturer, Length: 2.7m, Beam: 0.78m. It's not real quick, but it is stable and it's set up for fishing. Let me know.
Launch at Rickett's Point Yacht Club.
You'll need (if possible) waterproof pants OR wetsuit.
Rod and tackle
I've got spare PFD and paddle.
Since it's your first fish from a yak you'll want to keep the gear to a minimum.

The only problem will be lighting - I've got a light on my yak but not on Michelle's - and if you're on the water at 4am you'll need a light. An all-around white light would be best, but a headlamp should do I think
I've been thinking Smurf, I'm happy to lend you the Venturer, but I'm feeling uneasy about its lack of a proper lighting setup - I'd hate for something bad to happen in the darkness at 4am. So how's this for a compromise - I'll still launch at 4, I'll bring along the venturer (I can fit it inside the wagon), and I'll arrange to meet you on the beach at a more gentlemanly hour, when the sun is well up - say 7 or 8am. We'll launch the Venturer and you can have a paddle and fish for a few hours.
This is a better idea for a lot of reasons - no danger from getting run down by stinkboats in a poorly lit yak the main one. Also, your first yak fish will probably be a bit tricky, getting the hang of dealing with a rod, paddle, as well as balancing, etc - it's better for your first trip to be in daylight hours.

Let me know what you think. :wink:
Smurf - it's no inconvenience mate, and the offer still stands :D

Poddy - have a nice day trip on Sunday and I'll catch ya next time. The stretch along the back beaches (Rye, sorrento) is lovely for a day trip, some spectacular scenery and the girls love it. :wink: Maybe if I paddle really slow tomorrow the fish will think I'm you and I'll end up with a full bag :D :lol:
Tony, it's seriously not a hassle. Lets try for 7am, I'l be on the water early but I'll paddle back to the beach outside the Beaumaris Yacht Club at 7 (NOT the life saving club! The Yacht club has its own car park about 150m north of the main ricketts point car park). Either that or you can call my mobile when you get to the beach and I'll come in, whatever time is best for you. Parking is via a coin only ticket machine, $2/hour or $7 all day (rip off). Dunno if you prefer to fish bait, SP or troll lures, I'll be concentrating on SP early but I might switch to trolling if I'm not having any luck on the plastics. It's also worth trying for squid or garfish here if you're that way inclined. I'll PM you my mobile #.
Sounds good Tony, see you on the beach at 7 :D
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