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Melb-Mornington Fri 13/10 & PPB North Sunday 15/10

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A coupla trips here, because that's what the paddlers want and "akff always delivers the fishy livers!!"

Friday - If anyone else is interested in riding Scott's snappy coat tails he's kindly playing tour guide for us northern tourists around Mornington tommorrow. Start is 4.45 am (gotta hate this time of year just before daylight savings kicks in).

Sunday - Destination is up for grabs, but I'm thinking a Chelsea bash. I think Kevin's back by then, so may be our general to organise us rabble. I guess we can refine this one closer to Sunday.

Any interest? :wink: :D
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I'm off to sunny Canberra to have lunch with Redphoenix so I'm a no go.

Grant you're not the only one upset with me heading north to Canberra. A 30th b'day is the occasion!!! Jason I was kinda hoping to catch up with you up there too :?

Here's hoping the snapper show a dramatic increase in number this weekend and next :D :shock:

Good luck gents 8)

Bummer, must catch up in early Jan then at Bermagui, to cheer you up!!! But on the other hand there's great fishing to be had on the South coast, just ask RED.

1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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